Chloe Channell has been singing professionally since the age of six. At age 11 she was a semi-finalist on America's got talent.  When she was 12, she co-starred with country legend Billy Dean in a Kenny Rogers' production in Branson, Missouri. 


  Now 14 years old, and no longer a little girl, Chloe has become a beautiful and talented, seasoned professional.  In addition to singing, she is a songwriter, performer and actor.  Chloe is home schooled, and now divides her time between her hometown of Pace, FL and Nashville, TN. writing songs for her debut album with country music's hottest songwriters. 

  Chloe is signed to Billy Dean Music Group (BDMG).       " I've never seen a talent quite like Chloe. What makes her unique is her personality and quick wit, along with her ability to connect to meaningful lyrics, with the soulfulness of Carrie Underwood or Reba McEntire" says Billy Dean.  For the next 3 years, Chloe will be mentored and managed by Dean, who has partnered with some of the top CEO's in the business community to form BDMG.  "It's important to teach Chloe, not only how to be a successful artist, but how to be a strong business woman and the CEO of her Brand." says Jeff Gargiulo, former CEO of Sunkist and current CFO at BDMG.


  Chloe has been writing with some of Nashville's hottest songwriters and her goal is to release her first album when she is a senior in high school. Follow Chloe's progress by visiting her social media sites listed here.